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Burnaby Autogas / Propane Repairs and Maintenance

Are you the only one driving an alternatively fueled car in your neighborhood? Yours is a happy-sad situation. Happy because you will save a whopping 40% on fuels and your ride is environment-friendly. Sad because you may not know where to take your ride for repairs or maintenance when it is due. We understand the fear that comes with such a situation. However, there is no need for alarm. AFS Automotive Ltd is your go-to repair center for alternative fuel vehicles and we are near you. In BC we have done a record number of conversions and our tally keeps getting higher. Our services are top quality, timely, affordable and they come with unwavering support from our technicians.


Look here; there was a time when diesel was the fuel of choice until it was overtaken by gasoline. Alternative fuels have been knocking onto our doors for quite some time now and we can tell you for sure that change is around the corner. Why not stay ahead of the wave of change by letting us convert your ride to use auto gas? You will spend less on fuel. That means more bucks to your pocket. And most importantly, you will be doing a huge favor to the environment.

Hoping that we have answered your ‘Why’ question and now you are convinced that alternative fuel is here to stay and you had better join the bandwagon, let us walk you through the options we are putting on table for you.


Why would I bother with alternative fuels when I have conventional options?

After years of riding your vehicle on gas, we understand you will be adamant to change for anything else. You are not alone; we are all afraid of changes because it is like blindly stepping on a marshy ground and hoping that it will hold. But it no longer has to be dreading anymore. At AFS we will convert your vehicle in record time. We have been in this game for years and we never had a single complain. We have seen auto technology change from simple to complex.


Our over the roof repair and maintenance of alternative fueled vehicles

In the auto industry, every new technology comes with its fair of challenges. It takes time, expertise and hours of experience to learn it. You see with us, we have been doing this for many years. As the changes come, we have been helping shape them up. Therefore, when we tell you that we are the conversion masters you can trust, we mean that to the last syllable. We are not merely bragging; our track record stand to vindicate us. In the entire BC we have done the most conversions, we are the champs of repairs and maintenance of alternative fuel vehicles. Speaking of that, here are our unrivaled auto services:


  • Complete repair and maintenance of alternative fueled vehicles. Here we are doing the A to Z repairs of vehicles using alternative fuels. There is no bolt or nut that we do not know. We make sure that your ride will never break down as long as you trust us with its maintenance. On repairs, we have the best team of technicians and topnotch technology. You never have to worry about a thing once you walk through our doors.


  • Propane tank refills. Worried about your fuel tank running low? We do refills as well. We want you to keep driving when you feel like it. Come for your refill any time you need some. As we do that, we do a quick inspection on overall health of your car.


For your ride, we are the masters of converted vehicles

We know the value and pride you attach to your vehicle and we are about keeping it that way. With us, you are getting the crème de la crème of repair and maintenance services for you vehicle. There is no challenge too big or small for us; we treat each vehicle uniquely and approach every problem with an open mind. As you make your switch from conventional fuel to Autogas, we want to be partners in your adventure. We will get your vehicle all it needs and the last thing you will ever think of is complain of why you made the switch.

The flower is ready for plucking and your call to book an appointment is all that sits in between. Let us be your help with your converted ride and you will never look back.