Fleet Autogas Services

Autogas for Fleets: going every extra mile for less

Do you know what puts down many fleet businesses? When the operation costs run higher than what is coming in, there is no other way other than closing the doors. This is a story you do not want to read about your business. Not if there is a way to cut down operation costs, improve efficiency and reduce breakdowns to zero. Actually, there is a way.

Autogas for fleets is the new sweet song in town and around the globe. Struggling fleets have made a town around and are claiming a generous portion of their business pie. You too can join the happy party and make your fleet business an overnight talk not only BC but also the entire Canada.

Autogas for Fleet numbers you cannot argue with

If your fleet is still running on gasoline or diesel, these numbers and facts will make you think twice:

  1. On Autogas, fleets are saving between 30% and 50% on fuel costs. Do you know how far what you are saving can go? It could make your business the best in terms of finances in the federation.
  2. With LPG, you no longer need to buy and install filters and fluids to meet state and federal emission regulations.
  3. With Autogas, you do not have to worry breaking the anti-idling regulations and requirements
  4. Engines running on Autogas operate quietly. Your customers will have quieter experience every time they ride your vehicles. موقع ون كارد It will be easy to choose your business over others.
  5. Costs of operations will significantly come down. This means you can offer competitive rates to your customers. You will be the business to beat on this front.

Our Autogas services for your Fleet

Are you now convinced that you need your fleet to run on propane? You could never make a better decision. And it is a decision that you will not regret. At AFS, we will make sure of a smooth transition. We will take up the conversion role and turn your fleet into the most efficient business. Here is our package for Autogas for your fleet:

  • Propane conversions. We will go over your every vehicle and convert it to using LPG. It does not take long; no customer will miss a delivery just because you decided to do this.
  • Propane vehicle repairs and maintenance. Once you make the switch, we do not leave you to deal with it. We are here to stay. We will repair your fleet and keep things in line with timely and necessary maintenance.
  • Propane refills. When you need more Autogas, we will get it for you. Your fleet is under our attention radar around the clock. We will be with you on every errand and back.

Make the switch and smile all the way to the bank

Every business is on for the big money. We hope that yours is no exception. With our conversion services, we are giving your fleet the chance to make more money for less. We are handing down to you the financial advantage as well as bringing efficiency and effectiveness to your every vehicle. You can now afford a satisfaction smile every time you go to the bank

Trust the experts

No one in the entire BC does propane conversions better than us. For you fleet, we are the hands and brains you can trust. Choose AFS for your fleet Autogas services and you will never look back. It is a decision you will never regret. For that, we give you a guarantee. We do not make promises we cannot deliver. فيلم casino Trust us, you are about to see a revolution in your business. We are happy AFS is the choice you make.