Burnaby Brake Repairs

Squealing again, I can’t believe my brakes are up for another check!

Do you know what we say about brakes? The extra little stopping power keeps a bad day at bay. You may not realize the full meaning of this phrase until brakes stop your car a hair-width distance from a grisly accident. It is not in vain that they say you never miss water until your well runs dry. Likewise, you never know the importance of keeping your braking system in shape until it saves you.

We know how risky roads can get and it is at such moments when braking could help you get back home safely. At AFS Automotive we believe in safety first. We encourage our customers to adhere to the best road practices. We do not do that just by the word of mouth; we walk the talk. It is in the spirit of walking the talk that we have created a comprehensive braking maintenance and repairs package. Here you are getting a holistic treat of your braking system to keep it functioning at its best and keep away hefty repair bills.

Putting a stop to your car’s brake woes

We are not only privy to the importance of brakes, but we also know how to keep the system running as it should be. We have assembled for you a one-stop package of brake repair and maintenance services:


  • Rotor services
  • ABS servicing
  • Drum, shoes, and cylinder replacement
  • Brake hose inspections and replacement
  • Brake fluid flushing

Are regular brake services important?

We cannot emphasize enough on why you need your auto brakes serviced. When you press hard on that brake pedal, you are putting your life in the hope that your car will stop. What if the brake pads dropped along the way and you didn’t notice? You only close your eyes and hope to miraculously be safe. You do not have to be this scared when you hit the brake pedal. There is a way to be sure that the system is always working and any time you want to brake you will get the expected response. Taking your vehicle for regular brake checks is your ticket to safety and reliability.

The braking system is made up of components that under friction will break and wear out. You do not need to be a mechanic to know that you need those parts checked every once in a while. You never know when you will need the drums or shoes at their A-game only for them to be faulty. There is no room for guesses when it comes to the brakes. You have to take your ride for inspections and any necessary replacements.

How often should I take my brakes for a check?

We are asked this question many times. Here is what we advocate for. Take your brakes for checks at least for a single time each year. Before you start celebrating, here is something you should know. You should not wait for a year before you take your vehicle for brake services. There are signs that tell you when it is time for those crucial checks and you should never wait:


  • Brake fluid leaking under the engine compartment or around the wheels
  • When your car pulls to one side every time you brake
  • Grinding and squeaking noise from the brakes
  • Sponginess or hardness when you press the brake pedal
  • ABS light is on
  • You have to pump up the brake pedal before it can work

When it comes to brake system services, you better trust the experts

Anything that would put your life in danger should never be taken lightly. Brakes are crucial not only to your driving experience but also keeping you safe all the time. That is why you cannot trust servicing and repairing your brakes with just anyone. At AFS Automotive we have a proven track record in this area. Since our doors opened in 1991 we have never got anything wrong with repairs. Our customers are a happy lot and it is time you join the party. We will fine tune your braking system, keep away costly repairs, and make your driving fun. Don’t wait to hear about us from others; come and experience our best heads and hands at work. We swear, you will become a loyal customer.