Cooling System Repairs

My engine is overheating; a red hot frying pan is an understatement

We all have been there; an overheating engine and those embarrassing road side breakdowns. And it is not that the summer heat is finally catching up with you; the cooling system is simply registering its frustrations with your lack of care and repairs.

We know that the auto engine has to operate within a specific spectrum of temperatures. When it gets too high or too cold, engine problems start to come in their droves. The cooling system is at the center of your woes and you need to do something about it. It is a heaven sent coincidence that you find yourself on this page because we are talking about cooling system services. And not just talking, we are the masters of the art of auto repairs and maintenance. AFS is BC’s apple of the eye when it comes to topnotch auto services. If it is the cooling system that gives you sleepless nights, after today you are going to sleep like a baby. Like a silver bullet, we will fix all the problems and your engine will never overheat, ever again. Promise us one thing though, you will keep up with the recommended maintenance schedule and we will be your ultimate choice.

Unmasking the ‘what’ and the ‘how’ of the auto cooling system

From our experience, we have noted that auto owners are among the most ignorant bunch when it comes to knowing their vehicles. Sorry, no offence but merely trying to point out something crucial. Ask someone at random to tell you about the cooling system of their car and the best you get is a series of mumbles and stutters. We believe that knowledge is power and before we give you any services, we make sure you understand the part and the problem. The cooling system does just that; keeping your engine cool. It consists of a water pump, a fan, a thermostat, radiator and a coolant otherwise known as antifreeze. You are right, all the parts and components must be checked for any problems for the system to get its job done.

Want your engine cool? We make it just that

We can relate to your embarrassment when engine breakdowns become a routine. And it is all because your engine is overheating. We can’t compensate you for past woes, but we can certainly promise you that it will never happen again. To prove to you how serious we are about keeping your engine at optimal temperatures, our package of services passes the test:


  • Complete system analysis. Our best cooling system expert will critically inspect the system. He will check the hoses, the thermostat, the coolant and all other components to certify their effectiveness. It is only after this analysis that we can proceed to the curative phase. This includes repairs and replacements.
  • Coolant drain and refill. The antifreeze collects dirt from the system and that affects not only its quality but how better it absorbs and loses heat. We will do a drain; not the ones that leave more than 60% of the contaminants. Ours is a thorough process that clears out all the dirt. We will proceed to refill the correct coolant.
  • Radiator pressure testing. Being one of the most crucial parts of the cooling system, the radiator has to be devoid of any problems. Pressure testing is one way to ascertain its health and whether it is up for replacement.
  • Special conditioning. The coolant itself can only do as much. But to make it better at its job, there are special conditioners that we add. These conditioners are unique for each vehicle. We know exactly what conditioning is right for your ride.
  • Fan repairs. Without the fan, you can try but your engine will always overheat. Let us repair or replace your fan and the rest becomes piece of cake easy.

Why the heck does cooling system maintenance matter anyway?

How about the promise of making it to and back from your destination? Yes, when your cooling system is maintained, you no longer have to worry about breakdowns. Even better, you tick off expensive engine repairs from your fears. It matters that the system keeps doing its job just like it is supposed to. And it equally matters that you have a trustworthy auto mechanic by your side. On that note, AFS is the place for you.

A cool engine means a healthy vehicle

It was not in vain someone thought it important to include a cooling system to your vehicle. The most honorable thing you can is it to keep the system working just the way it was intended. We happily do that for you. With our expertise, unbeatable team of experts, and the right tools for the job; overheating problems have nowhere to hide. We offer a listening ear and have an eye for the details. We are the team you can trust with your ride. So what are you waiting for? Reach to us today and your problems will magically disappear.