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How the Hell Am I supposed to know when the steering and suspension system is a miss!

There is a nagging thought that never goes away especially when you know something is wrong with your vehicle. Trying to place it becomes the hard job and you find yourself frustrated. It should never come to swearing when all you have to do is talk to the number one auto experts in BC. AFS is the undisputed people’s choice auto solution center. One of our main line of services is steering and suspension repairs and maintenance. In that one, we are second to none. However bouncy or crooked your ride may feel, you will drive away with a satisfaction smile on your lips.

Understanding the steering and suspension systems

Before we get into any details about what we are offering, how about explaining to you how the suspension and steering systems work? Oh no, we promise to filter all the brain-hurting jargon.

 The steering is connected to the wheels via links or pistons. There is a column that houses all these. For the column to function efficiently, every part has to be in shape and the right position. Tear and wear are the two big culprits that lead to steering problems.

The suspension system on the other hand is a series of links and shocks that provide a connection to the tires. It is through this system that you get a smooth ride. The critical parts of the system are shocks, struts and springs that need regular checks and replacements.

That wasn’t hard to understand, or was it?

Services you can believe in

We know exactly what your ride needs, and we serve nothing less. Take a look at our services and you will be impressed:


  • Car suspension parts new detail kit set

    Burnaby Car suspension experts

    Steering and suspension inspections. We have perfected our approach to problems. That is why we never touch or recommend anything before doing a thorough inspection. We go through big and small parts of your suspension and steering systems. We double check each part to make sure that it is in perfect condition. Anything that needs repair or replacement will be added to the list.

  • Struts and shocks replacements. These are two parts of the suspension that do the donkey’s job. In their absence, you have nothing to call suspension. They need to be regularly replaced.
  • Inner and outer tie rods replacement. We know when to retire the tie rods to keep your systems perfect.
  • Suspension and steering repairs. Dare us with anything, and we mean literally anything about steering and suspension and we will exceed your expectations. It is a guarantee we give all our customers and we walk all the way to fulfill it come rain come shine.

Should I care about the steering and suspension system? My car is alright

Tell us how much you like it when the steering is stiff and you actually sweat to stay in control. That is a small portion of the problems that come with faulty steering system. You will like it less when the worst descends on you. How about bouncing, shaking and swaying that you reach your destination with aching muscles? Suspension is giving you a hard time because you never have it checked. It is a quid pro quo. That’s what the legal guys call it. If you did not like the two scenarios, you definitely should care about your car’s steering and suspension system. And what do you do about it? It’s simple. Come to us and we will know your problem and get down fixing it.

Book a date with the experts

There is no point of driving if you cannot relax and take in the fun and thrill of being at the center of the action. Your steering and suspension can take away all the comfort and ease of driving if you let it. With us, you are getting your swag back on. We will streamline every spring, strut and shock to give you a bumpy-free ride. We will go through the steering column with a fine tooth comb identifying and fixing every problem. To make this a realization, get in touch with us now. It is a decision you will never regret. AFS Automotive Ltd is revolutionizing the way to deal with auto problems and you better be part of the movement.