Tires Wheel Alignments and Balancing

Uneven Tire Wear, I can’t drive straight; tell me it’s not time for wheel alignment

When your car can’t drive straight, your guess is as good as ours. It’s alignment time. If you are still having doubts, check your tires and if your notice any sign of uneven wear it is a confirmation that wheel alignment is overdue. You see, it is not rocket science at some times to know what is wrong with your ride. But that’s as far as you can go with self diagnosis.  The rest has to be left to the experts.

And in good timing for you, AFS needs no introduction when it comes to tire, wheel and alignments. Yes you guess right; we are the same guys who do vehicle conversions. You didn’t think we only stick to one lane of services, did you? We consider ourselves as an auto solution one-stop center. Conversions, general repairs, maintenances, auto inspections; we do them all.

Our tire, wheel and alignment services

Tires and wheels play a very crucial role. Tires keep you grounded while wheels hold up the weight of your vehicle and help you drive straight. It is no brainer that you need both of them at their very best shape and functionality. At AFS, we have your best interests at heart. After intensive research, wide consultations and rigorous testing; we have an unbeatable package of services for your tires and wheels:


    Tire inspection and replacement: we will do a thorough inspection of your tires to determine if they deserve another day on the road. We stock all brands and sizes of tires. Most importantly, we have a match for each season. When you need the right grip on the road, we give you just that.
  • Wheel alignments: when your tires are wearing out unevenly or you sweat it out while trying to keep your vehicle straight, it is time you come for wheel alignment. Do not wait for anything as the problem gets bigger and you end up spending a fortune.
  • Steering and suspension systems’ inspection. We do not solve the problems at its branches; we dig deeper into the roots. Before we do any alignment, we conduct a thorough inspection of the steering and suspension systems.
  • A road test by our technicians. We believe in results, and perfect ones for that matter. Before we give the green light to drive off from our repair center, we will test your ride to know if the problem has been solved. Until we are 101% sure, you are not going anywhere. بوكر اونلاين

Wheel alignment or wheel balancing: I can’t tell the difference

We have had a rough time explaining to some of our customers the difference between wheel alignment and wheel balancing. Let’s put the record straight. مسلسلات كرة قدم Wheel alignment, which is one of the services we offer, streamlines all crooked angles and prevents your ride from leaning onto one side. On the flip side, wheel balancing seeks to equitably distribute weights to all tires. You do not have to worry about any of them; our experts know when you need each one of them.

How often should I take my wheels for alignment?

Well, you should remember what the first rule of the thump for auto care says, “Do not sit on problems, be proactive about your vehicle”. You do not have to wait for a particular time to take your vehicle for wheel alignment. If something feels wrong about it, book your date with us right away. For formalities, wheel alignment should be done once in every 6,000 miles.

Take it easy, we are here for you

Seasoned experts, quality and timely services are our fortes. We never let you down. We have sworn to keep you on the road all the time you desire to drive. You had better make that call and let us be your tire and wheel alignment experts.

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