Prepare your car for spring driving

Is the talking of spring hanging in the air? It can only mean one thing for certain; the dreary winter is now sinking into the horizon giving way to a warm season. For football enthusiasts, it is time you get your vocal cords ready to cheer up your teams. For vehicle owners, it is time you get back on the road with swag. Unfortunately, winter always has a way of leaving cold marks on your car. Therefore, before you get back on the road, here are 10 things that will put your vehicle back into shape for spring.

Cleanliness is always second to Godliness

A lot of grime and salt is left on your vehicle after the harsh pangs of winter had the better of you. It is no-brainer that your ride will need a thorough scrub to get rid of all that mess. You may be good at DIY, but this cleaning may be best left to the experts. It is both inside and outside cleaning.

Get your tires into a hot mood

You could not pull through the thick winter without the appropriate tires. Now that the ice is gone and you are getting more light and long days, it is about time you retire your winter tires. Let your ride be fitted with summer tires and you can confidently dare the heat.

Align your wheels and tires

Driving in almost invisible situations, you must have hit a thousand potholes. Your wheels and tires must have taken up the heat for you and it is by mere luck you pulled through the cold season. Your luck box is over and it is time you go for alignments. Your ride desperately needs that.


Check and replace the pollen filter

Spring is here and as sure as death, there will be lots of pollens floating in the air. You do not want that pollen fever to put you down when the sun is so bright outside. Get your pollen filter up to speed. Have it checked and replaced if need be?

The A/C needs some shake-up

The summer heat is beckoning and you know that your A/C is the only help you can get to stay cool. Do not live in hope that everything will kick back to normal. Take your air conditioner for a thorough check and repairs. If you notice any stale smell, some mold has built a home in the system. Get it removed and everything restored to 100% functionality.

Time to declutter

It’s been months through the cold weather. That’s why we do not judge you if your cargo space is looking more like a hoarder’s home. But it’s time to get out all the unnecessary stuff. All those coffee cups, ice scrapers and snow brushes are no longer part of your spring necessities. In there, only include what will be needed during the hot weather.

Fixing those small things and reaping big

Winter was a time to let go. It was so damn cold to get anything done anyway. Now that the sun is up, no more room for procrastination. Get a replacement for the cracked windshield, put that dangling trim back to its place, find why the engine light is on and have it fixed, and buy new sets for those burnt lights. Those small fixing jobs will make a huge difference.

The braking system needs a thorough inspection

As you change the tires, it is also the appropriate time you check out what’s going on with the braking system. First on the list should be the pads. How many of them (pads) are actually pressing on the rotors? If it is less than loonies-thickness, the pads are up for replacement. For the rotor, check out for cracks, flakes, and rust. You do not want to be cruising at top speed without any means to stop during an emergency.

Top up fluids and oils

Although there is never a time when oils and fluids are not important, they are extremely crucial as the weather gets hot. Take the time to check the important fluids such as the engine oil, the antifreeze, brake fluid, and steering column fluid. While at it, it is the best time to inspect for any leakages and have them sealed. The fuel filter should be up for a change too.

Go out for a test spin

Is your ride now spic and span from inside outwards? It’s time to make your first public bow. However, this is not the opportunity to show off your road machine. At least it’s not the only objective. As you do so, take note of any problems. You have lots of expectations but that should not impair your judgment. If it feels rough or something is missing, it actually is. Until you get 100% response and performance from your vehicle, it is far from being fit for spring.

For getting your ride ready for the heat, AFS Automotive is the repair center you should come to. Our fame precedes us and it is all for the good work we do. Put your worries back to the shelf, we got your back for the spring.