Engine Repair and Maintenance

I have heard that sound before: I hope it’s not the engine

Are you hearing that dreading sound from your engine? When was the last time you took your ride for engine checks? You can’t remember, right? It is not a surprise that your vehicle’s engine has decided to shout so that you know something is wrong. We know how scary it gets when it is something touching on your auto engine. Relax; AFS is at the helm of control. We have done uncountable small and big engine repairs for all sorts of vehicles.

What you should expect from us

We have handled every kind of engine, solved thousands of problems, and we never run away from any challenge. In so doing, we have gathered experience and expertise to carry out accurate diagnoses and prescribe the correct solutions. In response to our customer needs and keeping up with the changing auto engine technology, our set of services leaves nothing to be desired:

  • Engine tune ups and maintenance
  • Computer engine diagnostics
  • Removal of carbon deposits
  • EGR system replacement
  • Ignition maintenance and repairs
  • PCV system services


Useful habits that help your engine stay healthy for long

At AFS, our approach is to keep as many dollars in your pocket as possible. How do we do this? We encourage our customers to be proactive about maintenance schedules and services. In our years of operation, we found these habits useful to giving your vehicle engine a longer healthy life:

  • Come to us right away when the check engine light turns on. This is an indication that your engine is not entirely healthy. When the light goes on, it is the engine screaming for your help. That kind of help can only come from the right expert and who else but AFS?
  • Go for a refill before it gets to the reserve level. It is a bad habit to let your fuel tank drop to the reserve. After years of use, there is a heap of sediments at the bottom of the fuel tank. When you are driving on reserve fuel, you are letting all these crap into the engine. There is going to be a lot of damage that will probably turn your pockets inside out with massive repair bills. When your fuel drops below the quarter level, get ready for a refill.
  • Change the engine oil regularly. Blood is to the heart and oil is to the engine. Just like blood runs low on oxygen and goes back for a top up, engine oil drops its quality after some time. This is partly due to contamination. For the oil to keep doing its job, it has to be changed often. You can decide to do it by yourself or leave it to our experts.
  • Keep the engine cool. As much as the engine thrives on combustion to power the vehicle, heat is not a friend to many of engine components. You should make sure that the cooling system is efficient and doing its job to satisfaction. We have the experts for that too.
  • When it feels wrong, it probably is. You should be vigilant when it comes to spotting problems with your ride. When something seems to be out of sorts, bring it to us and we will spring into action and identify the problem.
  • Only trust the right experts with your engine. An auto engine is a complex piece of work and more so when there is a problem. It therefore requires certified and experienced technicians even for the smallest issues. Do not trust just anyone to fix your engine; it has to be someone with a record of excellence. In that respect, AFS passes the test with flying colors.

Keep your ride on the road by entrusting us with its engine

There may be many auto experts claiming to be the best in the game engine repairs, but only a handful can guarantee you flawless engine services. Fortunately for you, AFS are the first option in that list of handful. Engine repairs and maintenance are not merely a job we chose for the sake of making money, it is passion that led us here. We like tough challenges and the auto engine is such a test. Our seasoned and work-hardened experts know every cranny and inch of your car’s engine. With us, you are with the best experts. Make your appointment today, and we will make yours a true beast of the roads.